Fireworks in Florence

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4th of July has always been one of my favorite times to be in Florence. I remember counting down the days until the fireworks stands would go up around town, and spending hours deliberating on how to stretch the few dollars I had been saving in the most strategic way possible to maximize my firework purchases. The big day would finally roll around and my sisters and I would lay out all of the fireworks we had collectively been able to gather in the previous days. We would organize them into the perfect sequence, planning a firework show of our own which of course would culminate in the grande finale of lighting as many of the big fireworks as we could at the same time. 4th of July meant lots of food, lots of friends and staying up late to watch the big show over the river.

If you haven't had the opportunity to experience Florence on the 4th, I encourage you to come on down to Bay Street this Thursday and take it all in! We will of course be open and would love for you to stop in for dinner, a drink, a slice of cake or perhaps all 3. We still have a few tables open for reservations and as always our bar is available first come first served.