New Loyalty Program

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Hello everyone!  It's hard to believe another month has already come and gone!  First of all I want to thank the many of you who responded to last month's newsletter with your well wishes and encouragement.  Your kind words via email, face to face in the restaurant and around town have continued to put wind in our sails as our family navigates through the many ups and downs of this new adventure!  

We are excited to announce today that we have officially rolled out a new loyalty punch card program.  One of the first questions we began receiving after purchasing the restaurant was whether or not we would keep the frequent diner cards.  We are incredibly grateful for our many loyal customers and want to continue to reward those who make the Waterfront Depot part of their regular dining routine.  Whether we see you once a week or once a year, we know that you have many choices when considering where to dine, and your repeat business is truly a gift to our family and our employees. 

In updating the program we had a few very basic objectives:

  • Keep it simple

  • Keep it fair

  • Reward every $ spent   

keeping it SIMPLE...
The new program is a punch card where you can receive 1 punch for every $25 spent.  When your card has been punched 10 times, you'll receive a free entrée on your next visit.  There are no restrictions on which entrée you can get for free, and if you buy more than one entrée the completed punch card can be applied to the most expensive entrée on your bill instead of the least expensive.  Of course many of you are wondering, "what if I only spend $20?"...sadly our hole punch isn't smart enough to punch fractions...but we would be delighted to sell you a piece of cake to help you reach that $25 punch mark!   😁  It's simple for you to understand and simple for us to deliver.

keeping it FAIR...
The new program rewards everyone equally.  Regardless of whether you prefer a surf & turf or a burger; you'll be rewarded in proportion to the dollars you've spent, as opposed to the number of entrées you purchased.  For some this new program won't be as great of a benefit, while for others you'll earn a free entrée in just a few visits.  Candidly, we feel that a 10% reward on the dollars you invest in your dining experience with us strikes a balance of being generous, while at the same time offers a level of protection to the restaurant's bottom line.  We feel that the new program is fair and are hopeful that you'll agree! 

rewarding EVERY $ SPENT...
We know that every dollar you spend at our restaurant is a hard earned dollar and want to reward you accordingly.  Instead of only rewarding the dollars spent on entrées, you can now earn rewards for any food or drink you purchase.  Whether you're coming in for drinks, appetizers, dinner, dessert, or all of the above...every item you purchase gets you closer to your next reward.  This new program allows you the opportunity to earn free entrées quicker than ever.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about our new loyalty program.  We hope that many of you will pick up a new card on your next visit and begin earning your punches.   Don't forget to check out the links below to see our new website, order a gift certificate online and see if you are this month's winner of our $40 dinner for two gift certificate.  We look forward to seeing you at the restaurant this month!

                                                                - The Stone Family -